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Safety Huber Infusion Set

The most complete needle for Access Port infusion.

  • Extremely Low Profile.
  • Intuitive Safety Mechanism.
  • High Pressure Injection Compatible.
  • Neutral Pressure, Needless Y-site Valve.
  • Allows for Positive Pressure Rinsing During Needle Removal.

Catheter Tip Occlusion

When a Needle is removed from an Access Port, the volume of the needle tip (Vn) beneath the septum is removed from the fluid path.

This causes the same volume of blood (Vn) to be drawn back into the catheter tip.

The blood drawn into the catheter tip can coagulate, resulting in catheter tip blockage.

The cost of not using positive
pressure needle removal


Implanted yearly with Access ports (USA)

28% of Patients

Encounter some degree of catheter tip occlusion¹

yearly cost

Secondary procedures required to unblock the Access Port catheters

¹Carlo JT et al., The American Journal of Surgery 188;722-727, 2004

Posi-LOK solution

Positive pressure rinsing during needle removal.

  1. Connect the Hub to the Wing.
  2. Inject Saline while Pulling Up on the Syringe.

Low Needle Height

More discreet for the patient
Ease of dressing
Reduced risk of inadvertent needle removal
“This technology was very well received”.
“Positive pressure rinsing is a game changer!”